Analysis shows impressive impact by former Young Researchers’ Challenge participants

This summer Sara Fogelberg has had an internship at the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. She has performed an analysis of the participants in the Young Researchers’ Challenge.

The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation annually invites some thirty young researchers to the Marcus Wallenberg Prize event through the Young Researchers’ Challenge supported by the Erik Johan Ljungberg Foundation (Ljungbergsfonden). The young researchers are invited to the prize ceremony in Stockholm and are given the opportunity to present their research at the appurtenant symposium. By recognizing these aspiring young postdocs and Ph.D. students, the purpose of the program is to encourage further research and networking opportunities between themselves and senior researchers.

During the fifteen years, 2006-2019, that the Challenge has taken place 445 young researchers have participated in the program. The analysis intends to highlight the participants’ further work and successes such as their current employment, number of scientific articles published and how many of them that may have applied for patents. The information was collected through open sources such as scientific and patent databases, university and company websites, ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

“Sara has done a great job with the analysis report. It is very valuable for us to get this data collected and presented in a useful way. I am delighted to see the large impact the participants have in the research world. I think that numbers like: close to 7,800 scientific articles published, over 151 000 citations, 104 of them have applied for patents  and that 39 of them are already on professor level, are clear proof points that we have a well working process to select coming excellent researchers to the program and that they are very committed to their research”, says Mikael Hannus, Executive Secretary of the The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

Sara is a master’s student at Karlstad University in Sweden and will within two years obtain a double degree; Master of Science in Innovation and Service Development and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management.

“I have enjoyed the internship a lot. It is nice to work with something that is highly requested by the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. I am good at and like to search for information, so this job suited me very well. This internship has given me valuable insights and increased my interest in research. The research world is much larger than I expected and such an important part of our society. One thing I really like is the large global co-operation between researchers. There is a possibility that I will choose to do a career within research in the future”, says Sara Fogelberg.

Link to the Young Researchers’ Challenge Analysis Report 2006-2019