Since 1981 the international Marcus Wallenberg Prize has been awarded to laureates for path-breaking scientific achievements contributing to a broader knowledge and technical development. The findings may originate from any of the broad fields of interest to the forest industry – from growing trees and forests to making and using forest-based products.

2024 – John Ralph, USA and Wout Boerjan, Belgium

For their groundbreaking research leading to a greater understanding of lignin biosynthesis and structural diversity.

2023 – Darius M. Adams, Joseph Buongiorno and Richard Haynes, USA

For their development of the original groundbreaking forest economic models TAMM, PAPYRUS and GFPM.

2022 – Ilkka Kilpeläinen, Finland, and Herbert Sixta, Austria

For the development and use of novel ionic liquids to process wood biomass into high-performance textile fibres.

2020 – Joseph J Landsberg, Australia, Richard H Waring, USA, and Nicholas C Coops, Canada

For their groundbreaking work in developing forest growth models based on tree ecophysiology, and further development of these models to widespread geospatial forest analysis using remote sensing..

2019 – Gerhard Schickhofer, Austria

for his role in providing insightful scientific and engineering research data required to standardize wood-based construction products with..

2018 – Torgny Näsholm, Sweden

for his groundbreaking research of the role of organic nitrogen in the nutrition of trees. The ability of boreal forests to take up..

2017 – Ronald R. Sederoff, USA

for his breakthroughs in developing methods for gene discovery in conifer species and further exploiting molecular methods in..

2016 – Alexander Katsevich, USA, and Federico Giudiceandrea, Italy

For their groundbreaking research and development work that has resulted in the realization of a high-speed X-ray-based computed tomography (CT) instrument and method for non-destructively..

2015 – Akira Isogai, Tsuguyuki Saito, Japan, and Yoshiharu Nishiyama, France

for their ground-breaking research on TEMPO-mediated oxidation of cellulose fibre and further exploitation of this oxidation as a..