Symposium 1985

New Horizons for Biotechnological Utilization of the Forest Resource (1985)
Lectures given at the 1985 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium held in Falun on September 12, 1985.
Biotechnology, a challenge and an opportunity for the forest products industry
Professor Tor-Magnus Enari, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland

The discovery and promise of lignin-degrading enzymes
Professor T. Kent Kirk, The Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Potential use of microorganisms in wood bioconversion
Professor Karl-Erik Eriksson, The Swedish Forest Products Research Laboratory (STFI), Stockholm, Sweden

Future protein engineering approaches as applied to wood and wood produc
Dr Sharon P. Shoemaker, Genencor, Inc., South San Francisco, California, USA