Symposium 1987

Timber – A Material for the Future (1987)

Lectures given at the 1987 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium held in Söderhamn, Sweden, on June 15, 1988.

Parallam – A New Wood Product, Invention and development to the pilot scale stage

Mr Derek Barnes, co-recipient of the 1987 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, D. Barnes Consulting, Vancouver, B. C., Canada

Parallam – A New Wood Product, Commercial process development

Dr Mark T. Churchland, co-recipient of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize, McMillan Bloedel Ltd, Vancouver, B. C., Canada

Trends for timber

Dr Jaakko Pöyry, Chairman, The Jaakko Pöyry Group, Helsinki, Finland
Chairman, The Marcus Wallenberg Prize Selection Committee

Forest for wood

Mr Håkan Vestergren, Executive Vice President, STORA
President, Stora Forest, Falun, Sweden