Symposium 1988

Forest Health and Productivity (1988)

Lectures given at the 1988 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium held in Falun on September 7, 1988.

Effects of acid deposition on forest ecosystems

Professor Bernhard Ulrich, recipient of the 1988 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, Institut für Bodenkunde und Waldernährung, Göttingen-Weende, Federal Republic of Germany

Swedish forests in a changing environment, effects on soils, tree nutrition, and growth

Professor Folke Andersson, Department of Ecology and Environmental Research, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

Air pollution – A threat to forestry

Professon Lennart Schotte, President, The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Stockholm Falun, Sweden

Suiting forest management to a changed environment

Mr Ove Andréason, Chief Forester, Stora Forest AB, Falun, Sweden