Symposium 1998

Mechanical Pulping Scientific Achievements (1998)

Lectures given at the 1998 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium held in Stockholm on October 1, 1998.

The Miles and May model – a presentation

Donald May, co-recipient of the 1998 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, Adjunct Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

The essence of high consistency refining

Keith Miles, co-recipient of the 1998 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, Senior Research Scientist, Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, Montreal, Canada

Milestones in thermomechanical pulping

Dr. Lars-Åke Lindström, Vice President, Research and Development, Sunds Defibrator AB, Sundsvall, Sweden

The Miles and May model improves the mechanical pulping process

Heinrich Muenster, Vice President, Business Development Pulp & Paper, Andritz AG, Vienna, Austria

Wood and its properties – a challenge for the improvement of mechanical pulping

Anna Bergander, Research Scientist, and Dr. Lennart Salmén, Program Coordinator, Mechanical Pulping, Swedish Pulp and paper Research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Mechanical pulp – the pulp of the future

Dr. Ulla-Britt Mohlin, Project Area Manager, Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Paper and electronic media – a wonderful couple

Dr. Bernd Kundrun, President, Gruner + Jahr AG et Co, Newspaper Division, Hamburg, Germany