Symposium 2001

Better Products from Better Trees – Wood Microstructure Measurement (2001)

Lectures given at the 2001 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium in Stockholm on October 2, 2001.

The Economic Benefits of Macro-scale Decision-making based on Micro-scale Measurement of Wood

Peter F. Lee, Research and Development, International Paper, Tuxedo, USA

Optimal Use of Wood Fibers for Papermaking based on Wood Microstructure

Kaarlo Niskanen, KCL, Espoo, Finland

Optimal Allocation and Use of Today’s Trees for Wood and Paper Products

Stuart Corson, NZ Forest Research, Rotorua, New Zealand

SilviScan – A Tool for Rapid Assessment of Wood and Wood Fibre Quality

Robert Evans, recipient of the 2001 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia

Application of SilviScan for Optimal Utilization of Forests in Sweden

Sven-Olof Lundqvist, STFI, Stockholm, Sweden

Future Trees for Wood and Paper Products – Technical and Economic Prospects

Christophe Plomion, INRA, Cestas, France