Symposium 2002

Water, Forests and People (2002)

Lectures given at the 2002 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium in Stockholm on September 27, 2002

Water cycle and people

Malin Falkenmark, Professor, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI, Stockholm, Sweden

The outlook for global water supplies: Crisis and opportunities

Paul Reiter, Dr., Executive Director, International Water Association, London, UK

Relations of forest cover to water

Ian Calder, Professor, University of Newcasle, UK

Water in trees – tree hydraulic and productivity

Melvin T. Tyree, recipient of the 2002 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, USDA Forest Service, Burlington, USA

Impacts of water constraints on forest and tree growth and on structural development

Frits Mohren, Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Trees for the future; improving water use efficiency and adaption to water constraints

Jean-Marc Guehl, Dr., Research Director, INRA Nancy, France