The Marcus Wallenberg Prize

The purpose of the Prize is to recognize, encourage and stimulate pathbreaking scientific achievements which contribute significantly to broadening knowledge and to technical development within the fields of importance to forestry and forest industries.

From discoveries to scientific breakthroughs

Kaj Rosén took over as Executive Secretary for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2013. The Marcus Wallenberg Prize is an international Prize, based in Sweden, which is awarded once a year for a scientific breakthrough..

Model for forest growth during climate change

Joseph J Landsberg, Richard H Waring and Nicholas C Coops, share the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for a model to predict forest growth in a changing climate. Satellite imagery offers the possibility to scale..
MWP 2019 laureate Gerhard Schickhofer

Green technology behind high rise wood-based buildings

Cross-laminated timber, CLT, explains the expansion of multi-storey wood buildings in the world. Gerhard Schickhofer is awarded the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for research and knowledge transfer..

Torgny Näsholm receiving the 2018 Marcus Wallenberg Prize

The 2018 Marcus Wallenberg Prize of SEK 2 million is awarded to Professor Torgny Näsholm for his groundbreaking research of the role of organic nitrogen in the nutrition of trees..

New kinds of fertilizers for a sustainable forestry

Torgny Näsholm is awarded the 2018 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for having documented how trees use amino acid molecules as sources of nitrogen. He has also shown how this organic nitrogen dominates..

Forest molecular genetics to improve the quality of trees

Better quality and higher productivity are the incentives for molecular genetics of forest trees. Ronald R. Sederoff is awarded the..

CT scanner for whole tree logs received scientific award

The 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize was awarded to Alexander Katsevich and Federico Giudiceandrea for the development..

CT scanning of timber to increase the product value

CT scanning of whole tree logs to identify knots, cracks and rot can increase the value of the sawn products by at least 10 percent.

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