Since 1981 the international Marcus Wallenberg Prize has been awarded to laureates for path-breaking scientific achievements contributing to a broader knowledge and technical development. The findings may originate from any of the broad fields of interest to the forest industry – from growing trees and forests to making and using forest-based products.

2013 – Derek Gray, Canada

For his pioneering study of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC). Through his research..

2012 – Mika Viljanmaa, Finland

For his ground-breaking development of metal belt calendering technology resulting in better paper print surfaces with..

2011 – Erik Næsset, Norway

for his path breaking research that incorporates the airborne laser scanning method as an integral part of forest inventory. Prof..

2010 – Hans Joachim Blass, Germany

for his path breaking work regarding innovative and reliable structural timber connections and reinforcements which have high

2009 – Jouni Ikäheimo, Vesa Kajander and Bengt Welin, Finland

For their breakthrough development of the Direct Drive system for paper machines. This opens significant opportunities for new design concepts and process configurations of paper making lines with..

2008 – Bjarne Holmbom and Christer Eckerman, Finland

For their breakthrough research and innovation creating a platform for large-scale separation, isolation, purification and applications of chemical components in wood. The Laureates have created an..

2007 – Ove Nilsson, Sweden

For his scientific accomplishments that have revealed genes and fundamental molecular mechanisms of regulation of flowering time and have indicated how molecular signals help trees to adapt to the..

2006 – Antoine Kremer, France

For his path-breaking discovery of the evolution, organization and distribution of the genetic diversity of Pan-European oaks that will act as an outstanding model for the study of all other species. Dr Antoine..

2005 – Tom Kjelgaard, Katarina Magnusson and Ulf Ringdahl, Sweden

The Marcus Wallenberg Prize for 2005 is awarded to Mr. Tom Kjelgaard, Ms. Katarina Magnusson and Mr. Ulf Ringdahl for their path breaking research leading to a retortable paperboard packaging..